Tuesday, November 27, 2012

here's something you can do

UPDATE!!!! Oh happy day! ALL of the ESWS babies will be warm this winter!!! 390+ coats have been donated in just over a week! Incredible. THANK YOU to Kelly and everyone who made this possible!!!


You know what would break my mama heart right up? 

My Josiah YeJoon without a coat for the winter. 

That's true for some little ones in South Korea right now. There are babies and toddlers being cared for in loving foster homes today that are in need of jackets. And you can help! My dear friend, Kelly, is collecting as many coats as possible to send to the adoption agency we worked with in Korea. 390 are needed and generous hearts have already donated over 250! Please, please consider purchasing a coat! For less than $25, you can make sure a sweet little one is bundled up and warm this winter. And please don't wait! It's already cold and we need to get these jackets shipped over ASAP! 

For all of the info, go here! 

Or e-mail me at blessedbyhishand at yahoo dot com and I'll fill you in. 

Pretty please. 

Thank you. 

The SiGuy thanks you, too. 


baby si in the snow

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  1. Oh thank you, my friend! This is awesome and I adore that photo of Josiah in his warm winter coat! Thank you to your friends & family who have already donated - it is so very much appreciated!!

    PS - This explains all the hits my blog got today from your blog :)



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