Monday, November 5, 2012

He's crazy good


I am continually in awe of God's provision. 

Josh and I had a little chat one night about me taking on some part-time work to help cover various bills and whatnot. Within a few short days, I had two families asking if I was interested in doing childcare and now a pair of darling four year olds will be hanging out with us in our home a few mornings a week. We'll have a bit more change in our pockets and the SiGuy will get oodles of practice sharing his toys. Win win!

I've been moving rooms around lately, trying to maximize each space and declutter and get things set just so. It feels so darn good to do that, like a deep Spring clean smack in the middle of Fall. One large room sat empty and I hoped for beds for guests but there wasn't money in the budget right now to go out and buy some. So you can imagine my excitement when Josh told me he had gotten a call from friends wondering if we could use two twin beds! I nearly fell off my chair, y'all. Why yes, we'll take them! They fit perfectly in the room and we're all set for overnight visitors. That makes me smile. 

I could of chalked up that job and those beds as coincidences, but I know better. God was definitely winking.  

It can also be all to easy to forget about God's hand in our daily blessings - the food stacked in the pantry and the clean water we drink, the hearts that beat strong and the heat pumping out through the vents. 

God is in the details. He's the big stuff and the small. He deserves the credit for all of it. Everything deserves a thank you

If His perfect example isn't a catalyst for blessing others with kindness and gifts and love, then I don't know what is. 

Because He's crazy good at what He does. 

So be bold with your prayers and requests, dears! And don't hesitate or forget to be the one bless others. 


  1. great photo! and i love your perspective! just right!

  2. He is so, so good!
    and I am ALWAYS in awe of His attention to detail!
    what a testimony of His goodness and provision about the job and the beds.
    i LOVE hearing those kinds of stories.
    i think a thankful tree is in order. :)

  3. amen, sister!

    I love when I pray for seemingly frivolous things (furniture, toys, etc.) and God provides! thank you for writing it down it encourages the rest of us and points those that don't know Him in his direction :)

  4. thank you for this sweet reminder!



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