Monday, November 26, 2012

these mashed potatoes are so creamy

Happy Monday, dears! 

We're back from a Thanksgiving holiday in Chicagoland! It was filled with everything a girl could ask for. Food. Family. Games. Comfy clothes. Naps. Shopping. More food. 

During our feast, these mashed potatoes are so creamy, kept flying out of my mouth. Bad accent and all. Much to my dismay, not a single person gathered at the table knew the origin of the phrase. 

Name that movie, friends. 

Don't let me down. 

I big fat heart Sandra Bullock. 

On Thursday night, a few of us hit up the early Black Friday sales. The hubs, the sister-in-law, and me. We only needed  to use our secret code call once in crazy-packed Wal-Mart aisle. An hour later, we were in our sweatpants, happy to have scored a few sweet deals and made some fun memories.

I'm so, so very thankful for my family. They are my people. And I love them to bits. 

thanksgiving weekend 1 thanksgiving weekend 1-3 thanksgiving weekend_
The cousins cuddling on the couch up there? 

They lived in those exact pjs from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon. And the three oldest? They play so well together and are masters of entertaining themselves. Us old people only saw them when they needed food or drink or new batteries for their Leapsters. We've entered into a brand new era and it's pretty great. Uninterrupted conversations and the like abound! 

I truly hope and wish you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

God's gifts are everywhere. Let's continue to thank Him again and again every day of the year!

I'll leave you with a few snippets of our home this Fall.....

fall here-6 fall here-8 fall here fall here-3 fall here-2 fall here-4 fall here-7 fall here 1


  1. Your family doesn't know "While You Were Sleeping?!" Oh my...
    (I would have had to disown my family. Just saying!)

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend! And I big, fat fluffy heart that print of Si on the mantle!

  2. my mil's fav movie is while you were sleeping:)

    your home looks lovely.

    and your family sounds amazing and lively!

  3. I sure do like your life. And your photos. :)



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