Monday, December 10, 2012

monday morning chat

Snow is falling! The fluffy, pretty kind. Christmas tunes hum. The Packers won last night. And Kate and Wills are having a baby. I know that's old news, but I'm over the moon for them. They are adorable. I'm still in my fuzzy red robe.

Monday isn't too shabby in our house. 

Josiah is wearing a fantastic ensemble of stripes as he works next to the Christmas tree. One of his things lately is wrapping gifts. As in, covering little toys and various knick-knacks with tissue paper and tucking them under the tree. He is so stinkin' proud of himself. Josh's slippers are being wrapped up and taped as we speak. Won't he be excited to open them! 

A list of penned things I really need to do today. please don't put these off another day sits next to me. 
Christmas cards. 
Laundry. It's always and forever and ever on the list. 
E-mail them back. 
Order that gift.

All good things. I'm thankful for a quiet day ahead to check things off. 

And then tonight is the church ladies holiday party. And when I say ladies, I mean my gray haired friends and me. Holla! There will be Secret Pal presents and plastic table cloths, mashed potatoes and festive Bingo. I love it. Truly!

The snow just stopped.

Josiah has moved on to rearranging the ornaments on the tree. 

The big zit on my chin is still there. It's been a week, people. A week!

But Bing Crosby still croons on, so all is well. 

I leave you with a slew of Instagram snaps from recent (and less than recent) days. 

May your days be merry and bright, dears. 


collage 4 aug2 oct13 collage7 collage6 aug7 nov1 collage5 oct9 Sept2 miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. Yes! I made the picture show! Have a good and productive Monday and fun at your PAR-TAY!!! Love ya!

  2. I love your chat posts! And I'm right there with you on so many of these! (Including the chin-zit, unfortunately!) Happy week to you!

  3. Oh, I love instagram! What super cute pictures!!!

  4. SO many good ones!! Among my favorites, b/w praying, under the umbrella, Josh with the napkin and glasses. Looks like lots of fun happens over at your place. :)



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