Monday, January 21, 2013

hope rising

There's this girl I know who has a long, drawn out history of not printing the many many photographs of her darling boy and handsome hubby and their terrific life together. 

It's pathetic really. All those lovely pictures stuck on her computer and phone. It's not that she doesn't have plans and good intentions for them. She does. Oh she does! But the poor thing gets distracted and overwhelmed and unorganized. And lazy-ish. 

Then the calendar flipped to 2013 and the girl decided that this right here was The Year For Action. Follow through. No excuses. Get it done. 

After all, she's going to be 30. And you know exactly what that means. 

30 year olds are full blown adults! 30 year olds make things happen! 30 year olds bring their A game! 


That girl is me, friends. Shocking!

So one afternoon last week, I turned on a movie for the SiGuy and sat down to create a photo book of the Instagram photos I snapped in 2012. On a whim, I went with the new, up-and-coming Artifact Uprising*. Y'all, their website is dreamy. They use 100% recycled pages. The layouts and options and choices are plentiful and a breeze to navigate. And one of their core values? We believe in moving stories off our computers and into our lives. 


My happy little book arrived within a week and I could have looked at it all the live long day. Every photo represents a fleeting moment in this blessed, beauty full life my boys and I are living out together. 

Maybe that's cheesy, but it's also the truth. I'm all about celebrating both of those things. 

Enough chatting. Here's our treasure ::

artifact uprising instagram book artifact uprising instagram book-2 artifact uprising instagram book-4 artifact uprising instagram book-8 artifact uprising instagram book-3 artifact uprising instagram book-5 artifact uprising instagram book-7 artifact uprising instagram book-6
All those little memories in one place. I like it! 2012 was a gem and I'm tickled to capture more goodness this year. And then, of course, make another book. 

Hope is rising, dears. My photos are slowly but surely being set free from their computer prison. My coffee table has never looked so good. 

Thanks be to 30 for kicking my rear. I needed it. 

*Artifact Uprising has no clue who I am. I think they are super and wanted to share my affection for their products.  


  1. Ohhh I need to do this!!! Your's turned out just delightful!! Helps that Si-guy is sooo adorable!

  2. You are so going to rock 30!! What a great way to start!

  3. Oh, I love this! I cannot wait to see what this site has to offer! I'm all about getting photos organized, backed up and off my computer too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the hint about the website! I definitely need this!

  5. OH.MY.WORD.
    i think i can! i think i can!!!!
    we must be twins at heart, but there's HOPE for me, too!
    i love this, Rach!

  6. that is so fantastic. so proud of you! great book!



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