Thursday, February 21, 2013

on turning 30

I turned 30 last week. 

The Preacher Man, who knows my heart so well, made a plan for us to have dinner out with my family in Wisconsin the weekend before my birthday. They all spoiled me with gifts and big hugs and punches in the arm (I'm looking at you, Jake). And even though my face broke out into huge red blotches after someone smashed cake into it (I'm looking at you, Heather), I'd say it was the sweetest, happiest birthday celebration. I adore my people and am so overwhelmed by how well they love me. 

Fact :: My dad has been coaching basketball for 27 years. He's missed one game. 1 game! In all those years. Well, now he's up to two because he didn't want to miss my party. He surprised me. I adore him so!

As far as my birthday day? There was the trifecta of Starbucks, Target, and Panera with my date, the SiGuy. And Josh, who knows my heart so well, brought home Taco Bell for dinner and a Snickers Cake for dessert. My boys sang to me and I made a wish.  The evening was spent in my sweats with full control of the channel changer while texts and calls and internet birthday wishes poured in. It was all kinds of happy. 

So 30. This is what it's like!

I feel so......the same. :) 

But oh so thankful. And 100% motivated to make some little life changes. Ones that have made my first week in this age bracket all the more lovely and terrific. I'll be sharing some of those soon. 

So I raise my cup and toast to being so dang blessed. Cheers to 30 grace-filled years! 

Thank you, Jesus. 

*Props to my hubs for making that collage. He's such a dream boat. 


  1. 30!!! it's so monumental isn't it!?! and then it's over...welcome to the club, sister. i entered in august. it's not so bad here...there are some in the club that have gotten all nerdy since they turned 3-0, but we just kinda tolerate it. it's cool...


  2. your husband is the sweetest with that collage!

    your bday sounds fab, just how i would have liked it!

    happy 30th!!!!

  3. Oh how fun!!!! Welcome to the 30's! I have learned to love them. So glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!! Missing keeping updated with you on IG,but its good to take a break!

  4. Happy birthday! SO impressed that josh made that and happy you got to be with all your favorite peeps! Crazy to think what a new decade will hold!

  5. i was so happy to see that your day was filled with goodness via IG.
    your honey sure is a keeper. how sweet is all that?! :)

    ps...i'm almost 34!!!! what happened?!? ;)

  6. Happy 30th! I will be joining you next year...glad to know it's not as bad as it seems. :)

  7. Oh, to be 30 again. Enjoy! And the good news is the best is yet to come.

  8. Happy 30th birthday sweet friend! It sounds like it was just as amazing as you are!

  9. Happy birthday! You're (finally) 30! Like I said on FB, you're going to find that your 30s are amazing. I'm so happy to welcome you to the decade, my friend.

  10. Thanks for your sweet comment on FPFG's blog! I love keeping up with your life on Instagram. :) Blessings, cat (



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