Monday, March 4, 2013

dear february

Dear February,

You're my favorite. The sparkly pink banner strung up over your days spells out sweet. We savored your sprinkled Valentine treats and your pretty painted hearts were taped up all over our kitchen. 30th birthday wishes poured in and lovely little mailbox packages arrived, making me smile and tear up and blush from all the attention. My love cup sloshed over the sides. February, you made me feel so special. And crafty. Being cooped up from the cold had me firing up the glue gun while the snow fell heavy outside. Can we chat for a sec about all the snow and dreary skies you brought? Much too much! Take note for next year. Your simple moments - the milk bubbles and handstands, snow angels and silly jokes are all sweet memories I will tuck away for keeps. Thanks for being oh so wonderful.


*A handful of blogging gals I read always write letters at the end of each month. I think it's the perfect way to remember, reflect, and wrap things up! So this is the start of me tying up each month with a bow in 2013.*


  1. I just love these little letters you write! What a fun month!!

  2. this is so sweet, my friend. hoping spring comes quick for you!

  3. I love these little letters! This one is so sweet... just like your month, I guess.



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