Tuesday, April 23, 2013

why we celebrate on April 23

Today marks four years since we received our referral call. 

Four years!! How did that happen??? 

Four years since we got the first glimpse of our five-month-old boy dressed in stars on his red throne. He was every kind of perfect and wonderful. Grasping that picture tight, we stared at that brown face and into those almond eyes and we fell in love hard and fast. My mama heart met it's match in the baby boy born across an ocean. 

Thankfully oceans are meant to be crossed. 

There is no denying that adoption is full of loss and struggles and grief. But thankfully God brings healing in waves and love wins. It does. Our boy is proof of that. Josiah YeJoon is a joy, a light, a gift. 

We are so thankful for and smitten with our mighty little wonder. 

He's a keeper. 

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  1. oh my.
    he sweetness is just too much.
    what a handsome and studly little man! :)
    God is so kind to bless us like He does.
    happy day!

  2. Happy day! We love you, Josiah!

  3. I remember when you got your referral...it really doesn't seem like 4 years ago, does it?!?! He was precious then and he is precious now! Seeing his sweet face just made me smile :)

  4. He is just the cutest thing!!!! Happy referralvesary!!!!

  5. Happy referral anniversary!!! I still remember this so clearly! (And if I ask really nicely... will you do a line up of the referral anniversary photos from each year, in one post?!)

  6. i'm in love with the red throne. that is way too awesome! happy 4th year!

  7. Oh, he is most certainly a keeper! Love these pics and happy 4 years!

  8. oh my goodness! he's one of the cutest things i've ever seen! so sweeeeeet!


  9. Happy 4 years of Josiah!!! I just love all these photos you posted. He's the cutest, sweetest boy and my, how he's grown.



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