Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the evidence of his love

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The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. 
—Harriet Ann Jacobs

Just last week, with May knocking at the door, every tree on our street was bare and pathetic. I wondered out loud when the leaves would pop and spring everything to life again. 

And, oh my, they have! Just like that. Green buds are bursting and fighting their way through. Blooms of pink and white and purple have me gasping on their beauty. Tulips scattered wildly in front yards and bushes standing ablaze in long rows leave me in awe of God's goodness. 

I mean, really. He rocks this Springtime thing. He makes all things new right before our eyes and invites us to pull up our patio chairs for a front row seat. All of this magnificence is evidence of His love. Not a day passes without a sunrise because of Him. 

To celebrate His awesomeness, we leave dinner dishes heaped in the sink and head to the park where we play and chase and laugh until bedtime is inevitable. I tilt my face to the sun and feel it's warmth on my cheeks. Josiah digs for worms and runs barefoot in the grass. I collect handfuls of forsythia for our kitchen counter from the side of the country road around the corner - and feel like a rebel. The tiny boxwood bushes we plant in the yard have me clapping my dirt caked hands with glee. Because boxwoods are a dream come true! I'm a simple girl with simple dreams and I like it that way.  

Ah, it's good. This. All of this. I'm so thankful. 

What has you smiling this Spring?


  1. i feel the EXACT same way, rach! every word here!
    the birds are singing through the windows and chitter chattering, and all of my dead looking bushes have miraculously started showing off their beauty! i'm so in awe and excited!
    i just KNEW spring was coming, because our God is so good and He has it all planned out that way. it just took longer than usual this year!
    three cheers for boxwoods and new life!

  2. What has me smiling this spring? =) Just looking into the bright blue eyes of my baby girl.

    1. Well, this makes me smile! :) Enjoy your girl.

  3. This blog post, for one thing :) Sunshine! Little boys running and laughing as they chase each other around the yard...for the 400th time! A little girl who loves the sandbox, but wants to keep her toes out of the sand! Walks and parks and NO COATS at long last! Reminders everywhere of our Creator and that just as you said, He makes everything new. That makes me take a deep breath and smile.

  4. LOVE it! His love and goodness is everywhere when we seek it.

  5. This is perfect. I love that first quote...so true!

    And that first one of Si? The first thing I thought of was wow...he looks like Josh!

    1. A number of people have told us that Josiah looks like Josh! Meant to be. :)

  6. Ahh your pictures are so beautiful! They have me smiling :)

  7. These photos are GORGEOUS! I (heart) springtime so much. You know what else I love? That adorable, little hair cut on your little man. SO CUTE!!!



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