Wednesday, July 10, 2013

day one of many

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I took a peek at my paper calendar today, flipping through the next few weeks and there are a slew of blank squares on it. I cannot even begin to express my extreme giddiness over all that white space. 

The freedom! The possibilities! The non-schedule! 

I am a gal who thrives on little stretches of calm. June was so packed to the blue gills with busy that my left eye started to twitch a bit. But then we drove South last week for a vacay and arrived home yesterday with clear eyes and well rested limbs all ready for July. 

Helllllllloooooooooo slow, sweet dog days of summer. Come to Mama. 

Today was Day One. 

We celebrated with a handful of discount bin sunflowers and sweaty foreheads and half a watermelon. 

The stuff that dreamy summers are made of!

Josh threw me a curve ball tonight at dinner :: He doesn't like watermelon. It's his least favorite fruit. 

I gasped and declared him crazy. Shaming and rejecting watermelon in such a way is a sin against all things summertime. This girl could live forever off of good watermelon. 

But then! He tried a piece and then another and he liked it. 


He's forgiven. 

Let's circle back to those blank squares. We've got oodles of plans and plenty of non-plans for them. We'll fill the days up or laze through them, but either way, we are slurping every last drop of fun and beauty and wonder from them.  

Stay tuned for ramblings of it all!

Also, stay tuned for June's busy, fun happenings. 

And our Tennessee vacation recap. 

And fun with sweet friends. 

And house projects. 

And much, much more. 

Because I'm frightfully behind on posts and my Goal In Life is write it out. 

So I will. 


  1. yay!
    happy lazy days, nothing on the calender, sipping tea and eating watermelon all the live long day SUMMER! :)



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