Sunday, October 27, 2013

a pumpkin story

we carved up 
a pumpkin
a few days ago
my smiley boy
with wide eyed wonder
was thrilled of course
we chatted our way through 
while we scooped and worked
and when I lit the candle inside
Josiah belted out 
this little light of mine
with much enthusasium 
and all the actions that go with it
my mama heart swelled 
to see him make the connection 
between the light in the pumpkin 
and letting his own light shine 
because Jesus shines through him
and now some pictures
since they tell the story best

pumpkin carving_ pumpkin carving_-16 pumpkin carving_-2 pumpkin carving_-17 pumpkin carving_-4 pumpkin carving_-3 pumpkin carving_-5 pumpkin carving_-18 pumpkin carving_-6 pumpkin carving_-7 pumpkin carving_-19 pumpkin carving_-8 pumpkin carving_-13 pumpkin carving_-12 pumpkin carving_-14 pumpkin carving_-10 pumpkin carving_-9



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