Tuesday, October 15, 2013

boot cut blues

October has been unseasonably, crazily warm in our corner of Michigan this year. With temps in the sixties (or seventies!!) and sunshine for days, it's been a treat! Yesterday was one of the first days that it felt like true blue fall around here. The morning chill hung around the whole day through and the leaves swirled and rained down, covering every inch of the backyard. 

Poor Josh is mourning the loss of his perfect yard. 

I'm not going to lie. I am fired up for the season ahead! 

To celebrate, I went out and bought myself a pair of jeans. Nearly every pair I own are either older than my marriage and have holes in places that shouldn't have holes or don't fit me well, so it was most definitely time. I felt like a new woman today in my $18 denim duds.

To celebrate some more, I scribbled down a slew of projects to work on and finish up :: storage area clean out, china hutch makeover, master bedroom closet redo, toy room overhaul and more. After summer and it's footloose and fancy-freeness, fall forever kicks my nesting instincts into high gear. It's about that time to batten down the hatches on these shorter days and check things off my list like a boss.

I can't wait!

So cheers to a new season! May it include fresh-from-the-oven-baked-goods, well-fitting-jeans, piles-of-pumpkins and clutter-free-closets. 

Happy fall, dears. xo

black eyed susans


  1. I thought you were going to model the jeans. :) A new pair of jeans can take you very far in life, for sure.

  2. i love checking things off of a list. :)


  3. Your description of a "warm" October cracks me up. :) And, yes, a new pair of jeans can definitely make you feel like a new woman!



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