Thursday, October 17, 2013

if you were to stop by on a Thursday morning

If you were to stop by our home on a Thursday morning, I'd throw open the door and hug your neck tight, so happy that you came. You could kick off your cute boots or leave 'em on, girl. Whatever you're comfortable with. Come on in!

I might have on my new jeans and favorite gray sweater. Or a baseball cap and yoga pants. Maybe some makeup, but don't count on it since Thursday means no preschool and is typically our stay-home-all-the-live-long-day day. 

Depending on his mood, my 4-year-old would either dance circles around you and act like a goof or whisper I'm shy while clinging to my leg before showing his true self. That's just how he ticks.  

Stepping over scattered toys and a laundry basket, we'd make our way to the kitchen. I might apologize for the mess of papers and dishes on the counter, but you wouldn't care. Another reason why I adore you! We'd sit at my hundred year old table and I'd pour you something to sip. I'd rummage around and offer up what's in my pantry - a muffin or banana or a big bowl of sugary cereal. 

The two of us would head to the sofa to talk life and love and funny and hard, covering topics as wide and high as we both dared to go. Curled up under a blanket, I'd ask a lot of questions and listen because that's what I do best. Because I want to know you. Truly know you. Your fears and joys, hurts and heart. I have a feeling we'd tear up a few times and then laugh until our sides ached. All the best chats include both of those things. I'm convinced of it.

Hours later, when it's time for you to head home, my wish would be that you'd leave feeling encouraged and lighter and loved. And maybe even a little less alone? I hope so. Because all the best chats should leave a gal with the sure comfort that she's got someone on her side, praying for her fiercely and cheering her on wildly. Ever so grateful, we'd hug and smile wide resting in the truth that we had a true friend in the other. 

We'd promise to do it all again soon. 

And we would.



  1. I'm ready to come over to your house! ;-)

  2. Wish I could make it over Michigan Lake with a skip and a jump - I'd be over! Look forward to the day!

    1. I love the lake, but it would be so convenient to see my WI friends and family if it wasn't there! :)

  3. I'm on my way.....of course, I may not get there before thursday is over!

  4. Such a warm, fun, post, Rachel! Friends like that are truly a blessing. =)

  5. That sounds perfectly lovely!

    1. It does, doesn't it? Wishing I could make it happen with sweet friends like you!



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