Thursday, October 3, 2013

the bird whisperer

I've mentioned a time or two that the SiGuy's dream and wish in life is to catch a bird.

You guys. 

Seeing this boy of mine in bird-trapping-action? It's a hoot and a half with the tiptoeing and the sneaking around the yard with the determined look on his face. The funniest thing? When he gets somewhat close to one of his feathered friends, he gets scared, runs off, and then starts the whole chasing bit all over again. 

The big dream is always so close, yet so dang far. 

And then the stars aligned. 

Or we went to The Zoo. Where there are an insane amount of birdies in this big open cage all flapping and flying and fluttering around. For four quarters, one can enter into the cage and receive a stick with bird feed on it to entice the little buggars onto it. 

I stood in shock as person after person entered into the cage like it was no big deal. Being terrified of birds, I felt compelled to shout WATCH OUT!!! THERE ARE SEVENTY-EIGHT BIRDS SWOOPING AND FLAPPING ONE INCH FROM YOUR HEAD. GET OUT OF THERE! But I refrained. 

From my safe spot outside of the cage, I observed that all those crazy people were struggling to get the birdies to land and stay on the little feed sticks. 

Except for one. 

Behold, The Bird Whisperer in all of his glory. 

Side note :: Raise your hand if you've  ever tired taking decent photos of people on the inside of a cage while you stood on the outside. It aint no easy task, right? My focus was wonky on half of the pictures, but here are a few decent ones. So happy to have these gems. 

the bird whisperer-6 the bird whisperer-5 the bird whisperer-3 the bird whisperer the bird whisperer1-2 the bird whisperer1 the bird whisperer-2

Be still my mama heart.

These pictures don't even come close to capturing how proud and excited and smiley he was. There is nothing better than seeing your kiddo's big dream happen right before your eyes. Even if it does involve birds. And bird poop in his hair.

Congrats Si!! Can't wait to see what dream you bring to life next. I know you will rock it. 


  1. So sweet! What a happy little baby -- and happy and proud mama and daddy, too. =)

  2. Joy. Pure joy. It radiates from SiGuy's face and your words. How amazing to realize a dream!

  3. SO sweet! I've never heard of anyone being afraid of birds before! Did you have one get all tangled in your hair and peck at you as a child? :)

  4. love that look on his face! way to go Si! (and goodness he is looking like such a big boy now - wow!)

  5. I feel your fear...and your pride! (Glad there was a 'safe zone' for mommas who don't need to be close to the swooping birds. Way to go Si!

  6. Awe, look at the pride on his face!

    And I'm with you, sister. Not gonna find me in the middle of all those birds!

  7. Rachel. WHEN DID HE GET SO BIG?? I love him, love the look of pure joy on his face - what an amazing experience for him!!



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