Sunday, November 3, 2013

across five octobers

Every October since we moved ourselves to The Mitten State, my boys and I have spent an afternoon together at a pumpkin farm a few towns over. It's a tradition that we almost didn't follow through on this year due to a plethora of lame excuses >>> rainy weather, lack of planning, all around busyness. You get my drift. 

But, glory glory, we made it! On a whim and by the skin of our front teeth. 

For all those years when we were praying so fiercely for a baby and God was whispering not yet, I had a little vision in my mind's eye of the fall day we would spend taking that hay ride and picking the perfect pumpkin while sipping hot cider from those white styrofoam cups. 

And I would take the perfect photo of my little one smiling so sweetly in a sea of pumpkins. 

Now I get to live out that dream and it's better than I hoped. Even when the field has more rotten pumpkins than good ones and our kiddo gets his face smacked into the big jumping pillow and popcorn kernels get stuck in my molars. Because I get to spend every single day with my hubs and our boy and these pumpkin-patch-kind-of-days are sprinkles on the top of our sweet little life. 

Pass me a spoon. I'm savoring every bit. 

It would've been a shame to have missed these moments with my people. Here, in pictures, are just thirty-eight of the thousand reasons why I'm so happy we spent a Wednesday afternoon at the patch. 

  pumpkin patch gmf_-2
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pumpkin patch gmf 2013-3
Fall Collage
And finally, because I'm a big huge sucker for then & now collages, there are all five of Josiah's yearly sit and smile with the pumpkins photos. 

Each of them slays me to the core. 

There's my fresh-from-Korea baby with his chappy cheeks and the toddler chomping on apples, the 2-year-old in the puffy vest and the 3-year-old angel face. I don't know whether to smile or sigh or weep, so I do a bit of each. 

If you are crazy for pumpkin patch posts, you can find more of our adventures here, here, and here


  1. Miss those faces!!
    And I'm loving that airborn shot of him. Perfection!

  2. i love this.
    every last bit!
    yay for making memories!

  3. Looks like a PERFECT fall day!

  4. He is such a photogenic little man. Love all the fall going on here!

  5. This is the sweetest. I love tradition.

  6. Such sincere joy and radiance coming from your little guy's face...not something you see everyday. Proves youre doing a wonderful job raising him. Beautiful photos!



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