Friday, December 20, 2013

Si and Santa :: take four

It's happened. 

My kiddo has fallen in love with Santa. 

He's always liked Mr. Claus, but this year the affection has been bumped up 58 notches. 

And we don't even "do" Santa around here. Except for the annual visit to hang with him for 30 seconds at the mall, Santa doesn't get a lot of accolades or attention in our home. We don't leave sprinkle cookies. There are no elves on our shelves. Santa doesn't bring gifts or coal. 

But. We still think SC's a cool cat. So we watch Rudolph and sing the songs on the radio and high five him when we see him in the town parade. Santa is to December what Luke Skywalker is to November what Mickey is to January. A happy, cool character with a fun story. 

Si wrote Santa a letter letting him know everything he hopes Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa will give him for Christmas. He tucked that letter in an envelope, slapped on a cluster of stickers for a stamp, and marched it out to the mailbox. Much to all of our surprise, the guy in red wrote back....thanks so a little help from our tiny town USPS! 

The short video below is proof that Santa doesn't have to leave presents under our tree to be magical in the eyes of our little one. :) It's also proof that my boy is all kinds of cute. And funny. And enthusiastic. And a pro at shuffling along on ice and snow. 

Enjoy! And then scroll through the sweet Si + Santa photos before clicking away. You can see more pics of the pair together here and here

Happy Weekend before Christmas, dears! xo

Si and Santa Year Four 2013 Si and Santa Year Four 2013-3 Si and Santa Year Four 2013-5 Si and Santa Year Four 2013-4 Si and Santa Year Four 2013-6 Si and Santa Year Four 2013-2

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