Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello, hello!

I feel a bit like I tucked myself into bed on Christmas and just now awoke from a long winter's nap. The last few weeks have been a blur of cold and snow, heavy blankets and home. It's been happy, but hard-ish. I'm a homebody all the way to my slippered toes, but by the 8th day of being housebound (for a slew of reasons), I was slowly and steadily burning up with a bad case of cabin fever. When I did finally break out, I wondered for a moment if I even remembered how to drive my mini van. I did! So I celebrated by dropping off The SiGuy at preschool before heading out into the world. Which, if you're wondering, included the library and various tiny town stores and shops. Fresh air and people and freedom shall never be taken for granted again! 

Just a few days ago, I carefully packed away most of our holiday pretties. I left a few special things out, including the darling hand print ornament my Josiah made at preschool and gave to us for Christmas. Ever since Josh and I were married 8 years ago, I dreamed of such a gift from my little one. Dreams do come true, dears. They sure do. 

So 2014 marches on to the steady hum of the heat register. I hope and pray that your hearts and hands are warm and toasty as you step into each new day of this new year. We have so much to be thankful for. Snow up to your neck and freezing temps included. 

I'll tie this up with a glittery string of photos from our Christmas season. Enjoy! 

christmas 2013 christmas 2013-3 christmas 2013-5 christmas 2013 3-2 christmas 2013 3-5 christmas 2013 2 christmas 2013 4-7 christmas 2013 4-5 christmas 2013-7 christmas 2013 3-7 christmas 2013 3 christmas 2013 5 christmas 2013-8 
christmas 2013 4-3
christmas 2013 6 christmas 2013 4 christmas 2013-6 christmas 2013 4-6 spirit lead me_ christmas 2013-4 christmas 2013-2 christmas 2013 3-3 christmas 2013 4-4 christmas 2013 3-4

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