Saturday, January 18, 2014

saturday saved

We stumble into our Saturday morning with tears and stubbornness and consequences, all before ten in the am. It's not a pretty sight and, in those moments, the rest of the day's hours seem to stretch out in a long bleak line. But we hug and chat and pray, the frustrations melt away and grace nudges us forward. It's rally time and attitudes u-turn in the direction of happy and smiling. Mumford and Lennon and Maisy serenade us into the afternoon while hands keep busy doing crafty things and bellies fill up with hot soup. We fold paper into triangles and snip snip snip, then gasp with wonder as we unfold each new creation. Paper snowflakes now dance in the window, twisting and turning as we shuffle past on a treasure hunt. 

This is our Saturday. Saved.

Happy weekend, friends. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks LuAnn!
      He always look so much older after a cut. *sniff sniff*

  2. I'm jealous! My weekend was too busy to breathe. I hope to recreate something similar to this in the coming weekend. =)



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