Wednesday, February 19, 2014

taking care // fill me up, pour me out

The last time I wrote in this little space of mine, I invited you to come alongside me as I chat about anything and everything taking care. It's been well over a week and I've left you hanging, so let's start this thing already, friends! Pour yourself a cup of something and pull up a chair.

When I think of taking care, my mind drifts from dreamy sleep to eating well, exercise routines and skincare products. Those are all important and you can bet your cookie I'm going to bring 'em up. Eventually. For today, though, it's only fitting that I start with the most beautiful, wonderful, important, crucial, special thing I can do to care for myself. And that is to nurture my relationship with God.

It's in Jesus that I find true-blue and lasting comfort and forgiveness, rest and peace, joy and love, contentment and energy. All of the good stuff. His love inspires and motivates. Jesus is the balm to my hurts. The joy to my day. The calm for my fears. The friend who is always there.

He is my greatest gift, my most precious treasure. 

If knowing God more isn't taking care, then I don't know what is. 

To list every way I can grow closer to Him would have me here all the live long day, so I'll share a few simple but powerful avenues the Lord has provided for me (for all of us!) to know Him more.

*His Word  My Bible reading has never been perfect. Far from it! I have wondered at times where to start, which chapters to focus on, how much to read each day. All this seemed silly to me after printing out a read-the-Bible-in-one-year plan. The plan tells me exactly what to read, how much to read, when to read it. Starting with Genesis and going straight through to Revelation seemed the best choice for me, while other plans mix things up a bit. Now, this doesn't mean that I always and forever only stick to the plan, but it's a wonderful guide and has given me direction, which I most certainly need. Plus, I love running my handy yellow highlighter over the day's reading. It's the simple things in life that thrill me!

*Prayer  I'm going to confess something now. I am officially the worst bedtime prayer person of.all.time. I do say them with Josiah when he is being tucked in for the night, but since I am out like a light the very second my head hits the pillow, prayers at that time are usually not happening. Instead, I find myself having my chats with God during the mundane, still moments of my day - when I'm blow drying my hair, putting away dishes, stirring the pot, vacuuming crumbs, pulling wet clothes from the washing machine. The more I pray during these times, the more it happens and pours out and becomes a wonderful habit.

*Devotions  Jesus Calling is one of my favorites that I open up nearly every morning. It's short and sweet and somehow, someway, the words are always fitting, like they were written oh so perfectly just for that moment, just for me. :)

*Memorizing scripture  Knowing verses by heart is such a beautiful, comforting gift I can give to myself! I've chosen to focus on one passage each week to give me time to understand the meaning and allow the words to soak in. Have you heard of French Press Mornings? It is a lovely site that offers the prettiest, most encouraging scripture cards. I print out one of the free printables, stick it on the fridge, and use it as a tool to help me memorize a passage every week.

*Books I have a list that's nearly fourteen miles long of amazing, though-provoking, life-changing, heart-poking Godly books I The Preacher Man just brought home a 400 pager today for me to add to my stack. I'm continually inspired by others who are inspired by Him. And so I read. And read. And read.

*Community  Taking care of my relationship with God includes surrounding myself with those who encourage me in my faith. Whether I'm asking Josh questions as we relax in the evening, sitting in the pew on Sunday morning with my church family, or chatting in an online space or across the table from friends, there are opportunities for conversations that build me up, challenge me, and draw me closer to them and to Him.

I fill myself up with my Jesus and pray that He spills out into every part of my life.
He is where taking care begins. Nothing else matters without Him. 

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  1. I can not begin to tell how much I love this post!! I love that you started out with this, that this caring for your soul is #1. My heart echoes all of it…



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