Friday, February 21, 2014

vintage february

February is a winner. It never disappoints. 
It may have it's downfalls (hello! it's winter!), but it holds so. much. happy. And happy wins. 
Here's the proof. 

My birthday. 
I turned 31 last week and I'm convinced they are right. The 30s are the bomb. More on that later. 

Valentine's Day. 
We really don't do gifts and such, but the hubs and I lived it up at a February 14th wedding and there are swoony vintage valentines clipped up on our kitchen chalkboard. I could stare at those beauties allll day. They're staying 4-ever. 

Memories of days of yore.
Josh first wooed me with his dimples 12 years ago this month. For that V-Day he got me a BIG CARD (see photos below) that I've kept and shall keep for my entire lifetime. He had his college buddy cross out all of the "Loves" and change them to "Likes", of course. In calligraphy. It was that big card that first got me to smooch him outside my freshman dormitory. I knew then that he was a keeper.

Happy, happy love month to you, loves. 
I pray you are loved well. And that you love well. Every month of the year. 
Does February hold any special memories for you? I'd love to hear. Anyone else with a BIG Card? I must know. 

valentines-2 valentines-7 valentines-8 valentines-5 valentines-3 valentines-4 valentines-6 valentines

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  1. Love the special memories that February holds for you! My husband proposed on V-day, so it has added special-ness for us, my birthday falls in February, and I just love cheery pink and red and hearts when winter seems to drag its feet :) Your vintage valentines are a-dorable. I wouldn't want to take them down either!



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