Saturday, March 1, 2014

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Since ringing in the new year two months ago, I can count on one little hand how many days I have not worked out. The old me (cliche anyone?) would've hollered that it's a miracle of miracles, but the new me isn't all that surprised. The combo of 1) making the decision and commitment to move everyday and 2) knowing myself and what works best for me, has led me to a happy, sweaty place of truly enjoying and craving exercise. 

What, what?!! I know. 

My routine is very simple. I wake up early. This is key because I know how I tick. If I wait until the day and it's activities are well underway, I lose the motivation and may not fit it in. So while Josh and Si are still snoozin' away in warm beds, I rub sleep from my eyes and hop on the treadmill for a few miles while I catch up on all my favorite Netflix shows. Another key! I've discovered that running + entertaining television = I keep moving. It's a win win in my book! Once the warm weather comes, I plan on taking my runs outside in the fresh air. The treadmill is a huge lifesaver for me in this bitter cold, but there's nothing like pounding down our open country roads, the sun on my face and good tunes in my ears. 

When I'm done on the treadmill, I do basic strength training using my own body weight or light hand weights 4-5 days each week for about 20 minutes. I use the Max Capacity Training App on my phone for this and LOVE it! Because left to my own devises, I can be a clueless mess. I need to be told exactly what to do (push ups, lunges, squats, yada yada) and exactly how long to do them (thank you, timer!). Every once in a while, I will pop in a workout video or follow a routine I found on Pinterest to mix things up, but the majority of the time I stick with my normal routine because it works for me. 

If you're struggling, but it has been on your heart to make the commitment to move more often, I would suggest that you pray to God to help you and guide you! That is not a strange prayer at all. He is there for you in every single aspect of your life and maintaining a healthy body is a big part of it! He will give you the strength you need. 

I'd also recommend discovering what works for you :: at the gym or at home. group classes or on your own. all at once or broken up throughout the day. jogging or yoga. organized sports or walks around the block. outside or inside. morning or evening. I'm 100% convinced that in order to stick with a commitment to move, you must know yourself when it comes to exercise. What works well for others will not necessarily be the best for you! I know that I enjoy working out solo at home in the mornings. Knowing that about myself, it would be a silly move to get a gym membership and sign up for all sorts of evening group classes because I will dread going or not go at all. 

So that's that! So simple, but so effective. In the last few months, I've seen great benefits from moving every day. I don't smile through every workout and I'm not perfect or hardcore or super fit. But I feel strong! I feel more energized! I've lost weight! It's almost like our bodies were made to move. :) Taking care of this one body, this temple God has made is becoming more and more important to me. This is a wonderful way I can bring Him glory! And thank Him for His goodness. And not only do I feel good and confident, my positive mood is a benefit to my family and all those around me. All that from less than an hour of moving each morning? I think I'll keep it up. :)

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  1. This is definitely something I want to work on improving after the baby comes. Right now, just bending over and taking care of the girls is a work out enough. :) Love you... thanks for the app recommendation.

  2. During Sept/Oct/Nov I was kicking literal butt in this. ;) It was sooo tough at first, but I was working out 3-5 days per week and I could feel myself getting stronger. I was running 2-3 miles every other day, and doing an hour of cardio on the days I wasn't running. I hurt my knee at the end of Nov, and then all the snow…. anyway, I am so glad that you wrote this. It reminded me how amazing it felt to work that hard, and that I need to get back too it.

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